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Wiki Pages

A wiki is a website that teachers can use to post homework, handouts, classroom information, and student work. Wikis are provided as an additional option for teachers to support communication with the home and to enhance learning where appropriate.

A growing number of teachers are using Wikis in their classrooms. For the remainder of the school year, teachers will be experimenting and learning how to use wikis. During this time there will be a gradual increase in the use of this new technology by teachers in Hanover School Division.

Teacher Wikis

Sina Bateman
Joel Bergen
Krystin Cadorath
Donna-Mae Carlson
Lisa Desautels
Craig Desautels
Don Dewey
Jolene Fiarchuk
Crystal Friesen
James Gibson
Heidi Gosselin
Al Harder
Katherine Heide
Glenn Hiebert
Julie Hornick
Myra Kehler
Lyle Koop
Brigit Krysko
Janine Lavallee
Crystal Lawrance
Murray Lawrance
Greg Loeppky
Annette Loewen
Alvina Martens
Laura Masterson
Melissa Mathew
Adriane Neufeld
Trevor Neufeld
Robin Nemeth
Tyler North
Kim Plett
Rita Rebizant
Mike Reimer
Scott Reimer
Anders Rempel
Melissa Taylor
Al Thiessen

Be sure to share your fantastic Educational Websites here.
Teachers wanting to practice their wiki skills are welcome to come play in the sandbox.